Sometimes the simple solution is best. The Keep it Simple Stupid is kind of like those Blank for Dummies books. It's not calling anyone stupid or dummies. But it's catchy and is good information.

Your in debt and you want to get out. We've discussed some of the ways you can get out of debt. Here's a simple solution.

My daughter had the habit of not paying a due bill if she doesn't have the full amount. If she owed $150 and didn't have it, she'd skip it that month and try to pay double the next. Of course that wouldn't happen.

Have you ever done that? Now in this case what if she would have paid $100. The next month she would have had to come up with $200, a heck of a lot easier (still not easy though) than coming up with $300. Then, if she could only make the normal $150 payment that month, she'd still only be $50 behind.

Make an effort to pay something on a bill every month. Then, when you get extra money, pay more.

Do this with all your bills. ONe of the things I did to get myself out of debt was to make it a point to pay my monthly payments after I had consolidated my bills to make it easier to pay them each month. At the end of the month I would have some left over and would pay extra on my consolidated bill.

That didn't always happen but I did it whenever I could. No luxuries were allotted during that time. It was hard but . . . it got me out of debt.

Try to find simple ways to get yourself out of debt. If you buy a Starbucks latte every day, don't. Put that money aside and use it to pay down abill at the end of the month.

Yes, it's a sacrifice but it's worth it in the long haul.