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You should have worked on your budget by now. The budget is going to help you to manage your debt and help you begin eliminating outstanding debt. if you have excessive amounts of debt you are going to need to take quick action to reduce the impact this will have on your life, your credit rating and your future.

If you have a lot of creditors and lots of debt, you should start to contact them and try to work out some financial terms so you can pay them off in installments over a period of time that is manageable for you.

If you're already paying installments, they may need adjusting if you are still having problems.

Your budget should have the details of all of your outstanding debts and the amounts that you should be paying monthly. Using this information you can work out how much you can actually afford to pay. Know that when you call your creditors to discuss paying smaller monthly payments.

Expect them to try to pressure you into higher payments as they likely will need some convincing. However, if you let them know that your budget only allows for a specific amount to be paid monthly, more often than not they will agree to it. Their main goal is to have the debt repaid.

Sometimes it can be beneficial to consider a consolidation loan. You should only consider this if you can find money at a lower interest rate than the debt that is currently owed.

You can also get help from good credit counseling agencies that will help you to prepare a budget and negotiate with your creditors to reduce payments. My daughter worked with such an agency and they helped her immensely, but do your homework here.

But if you locate a good one, they will give you other advice that will help with the management of your finances and will be invaluable to helping you improve your financial position. A debt relief service may also be of benefit.

If worst comes to worse and you really can't afford to pay off the excessive amount of debt, there may be no alternative but to file for bankruptcy. You will need some professional advice as to when and how to do this as it can make the difference between eliminating your debt completely or alternatively giving you three to five years to pay off what is owed.

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