3 Credit Repair Tips to Raise Your Credit Score

3 Tips for Quickly Repairing Your Credit Report

Your credit score is going to determine the prices you pay for loans, credit cards, etc. If you can improve your credit score by 50 points, you could actually save as much as $33,000 on the average mortgage.

How hard it is going to be to repair your credit will depend on how low your credit rating has dropped. A legitimate credit repair company might be needed but, if you read my previous article on these companies, approach them with caution if you go that route.

Here are the 3 credit repair steps you need to take.

1) Let it be known you do no want to receive any credit bureau solicitations. Your information is sold to these companies by credit bureaus without your permission.

These are the companies that purchase your information and try to get you to go further into debt by sending you so called pre-approved offers with a fake check enclosed.

Well, although they don't advertise it, the credit bureaus must cease selling your private information if you tell them so. The credit bureaus automatic scoring system actually views this as as a plus and may automatically raises your credit score as much as 10 points in just a week.

The website where you can quickly handle this request is OptOutPreScreen

2) I've said this before and will say it again. . . . . review your credit report on a regular basis. Get a copy of your report from all 3 major credit bureaus and, once you obtain these reports, go through them and look for errors. Credit bureaus must remove debts that are older than 7 years old. Dispute the debts with each of the credit bureau directly.

Now check for duplicate collections. This happens at times when an agency sells your debt to another company and fails to remove the debt from their original report. You need to request removal of a debt from your report by sending a letter to the credit bureaus explaining exactly why you are disputing the item.

3) Dispute all your negative remarks, late payments, and collections with the 3 credit bureaus. Clearly state to them that the debt you are disputing is not yours and make them prove differently or make them remove it from your report. You have the absolute right to do this and you need to take advantage of that right to repair your credit.

I am saying to dispute every negative item whether it's real or not. The agency must let you know about the debt owed in a reasonable amount or time or they must remove the negative remark on your bureau. This is the law. Many times any requests made to the credit bureau are not responded to because they are extremely busy. If that is the case, the credit bureaus are required by law to remove the negative remarks whether they are legitimate or not. Place this burden on them.

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